Olive tree from Greece

Using the Koroneiki olive tree is what make this oil one of best.

After years of searching for a super premium grade of extra virgin olive oil we now have available to St Louis Kreta Reserve Olive Oil. In a coordination effort from Saint Louis, Missouri, to the island of Crete in the Mediterranean, Tony Sansone has produced the freshest, finest quality, and most healthful extra virgin olive oil available anywhere in the world.

Expecting a harvest of olives for his imported oil

Kreta Reserve is simply the finest quality, freshest, cleanest, and most healthful extra virgin olive oil on the planet. It is a super premium extra virgin olive oil made only from the best quality Kornoneiki olives grown in the mountains on the island of Crete. Only small family farmers with a common goal can take the extraordinary steps necessary to produce this unique oil. From the tree, to the press, to the bottle, to you…every detail is quality controlled by Tony Sansone and his neighbors. His personal guarantee of quality and satisfaction is on every bottle.

5 liter olive oil

5 liters of our olive oil in the box

Kreta Reserve Greek Olive Oil

Kreta Reserve Greek Olive Oil

Call for text 314-882-4637 for delivery options to metro St Louis, MO