Animal bedding Giant Miscanthus

Horse bedding Giant Miscanthus

Natural Animal Bedding Sustainable Made From Miscanthus Grass

A Superior Product in Every Way Used for 50 plus years in Europe


Miscanthus Giant Grass

Get to Know Giant Miscanthus
Giant Miscanthus is a perennial grass with the ability to grow on marginal land. It maintain high water efficiency, is noninvasive, require low fertilizer needs, and sequesters carbon. Its unique properties make it an amazing animal bedding product.

Most Asked Questions
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What is Giant Miscanthus
This perennial grass with bamboo-like stems that can grow to 13th in one season. It grows on marginal land and is highly water efficient and non-invasive making it an ideal crop for many farmers looking to transition away form low value crops.

Will my animal eat the Miscanthus bedding?
Miscanthus horse bedding is naturally unpalatable to horses. If you have a shavings eater, this product is perfect for you.

Is Miscanthus bedding dusty?
Our Miscanthus bedding is dust extracted which helps your animals breathe easier. It also ensures workers don’t inhale dust while making the bed and mucking out. Here’s a chance to lower coughing due to the low dust level.

How many bags of bedding will I need for initial set-up?
It usually takes 6-8 bags for initial stall set up for a typical 12×12 stall.

How long can I store the bedding before it goes bad?

Our bedding is made purely from finely chopped Miscanthus with nothing else added which makes it extremely durable. You can order large amounts with the confidence that quality will not be reduced. Due to it being 100% natural and dry, Miscanthus bedding remains at the same quality from the day you purchase and it does not rot like other types of bedding. We do recommend that bales are kept in a dry place away from direct sunlight as the plastic packaging can sweat and cause some condensation.

Miscanthus bedding

The best bedding for your animals

Shrink your disposal costs
Your disposal options and cost is very much influenced by your location and setup. If you live in a location that requires hauling off the muck on a weight basis, then this product will undoubtedly be your best friend. By having to dispose of far less volume of waste, you can cut your disposal costs by as much as 40%. You can significantly reducing the number of trips of hauling, dumping and spreading labor by using this product.

Reduce those pesky flies
Flies are a pain in addition to the smell of a dirty stall. We are finding out by customers that Natural Bedding is the improved smell and major reduction in flies. The high absorbency helps to reduce the ammonia smell caused by unabsorbed urine while also reducing the number of flies. Less Fly Sprying!

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