Home Delivery and Restaurant Quality Produce Ready This Week of April 12

Tony Tomato
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If a price is missing that item is not available this week. Please note prices are subject to change

Cloudy Days and Red Tomatoes

Have you seen the cloud cover we’ve been getting lately? In the St. Louis area, we have experienced a foggy and soggy autumn so far. This lack of sunlight means some of our seasonal produce like local Spinach may take a bit longer to produce, but we expect a healthy harvest in due time.

Tomatoes are a different story: We have fresh, bright red Tomatoes year round! Our partnerships with glasshouse tomato growers have enabled us to keep them in stock.

We still have some Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes ready to order, as well as ample supplies of Canning Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Grape Tomatoes, and more. Just reach out to find out how Tony’s Family Farms can supply your tomato needs year-round.

Call or text 314.882.4637 to order.

Never translucent, always flavorful; Tomato season is year-round with Tony’s Family Farms.

Call or Text orders to: 314-882-4637

Payments can be made with cash, Venmo, Zelle, or CashApp to huntwithtony@yahoo.com

Applicable taxes will be applied to all orders.


Whole chicken orders have been completed for this year. Thank you to everyone who purchased and enjoyed our Pasture-Raised Chickens!

Free-range Cornish Cross Hens were a hit this year yet again. We are currently working with our select grower to increase supply for the coming 2022 season. As always, Tony’s Family Farms focuses on selling whole, fresh birds that meet our weight requirements.

Chanterelles are Still Available!

Our suppliers in Oregon have come through.

A favorite of chefs the world over, Chanterelle Mushrooms are available to order in limited quantities. Reach out right away if you are interested!

We’re keeping our eye out for Truffles

Due to weather conditions, truffles are still in short supply.

As soon as we are confident we can bring them to you at our standard of quality and price, you will hear from us. Watch our social media channels to stay engaged, or reach out to Tony directly at 314.882.4637

Produce Box GIFTING is Back for the Holidays!

Give the gift of fresh produce, delivered for the Holidays.

Send a box to a family of your choice.
Have a box delivered to your preferred food bank or charity.
Support Operation Food Search with a gift box in your name.
Order specialty Corporate Produce Boxes for your coworkers or employees

Gift box deliveries will take place in December, leading up to Christmas. Call, text, or email to ask questions or place your order!

$60 and $90 Produce Box Deliveries Available

Order by Sunday for Wednesday/Thursday Delivery!

🍅 No subscription required! 🍅

🍅 New additions every week! 🍅

All produce is PEAK SEASON! That means FRESH and

Subject to availability

Call or text (314) 882-4637 to order, any day of the week!

Or email Tony: huntwithtony@yahoo.com

Produce Box Uses

Produce Boxes are great for home cooking or a unique, healthy gift. Here are some amazing Produce Box options you can explore to support local growers and give the gift of fresh produce!

NOTE: Tony’s Family Farms believes in minimizing waste, so the size and shape of your produce boxes may vary. This does not impact the weight and quality of your produce.

Call or Text orders to: 314-882-4637

Payments can be made with cash, Venmo, Zelle, or CashApp to huntwithtony@yahoo.com

Applicable taxes will be applied to all orders.

Butternut Squash is still in good supply.
Some squash varieties are still available for bulk orders.


Put Your Tomatoes to Work!

Try this Skillet Lasagna!

Our friend Carmen Berry has shared an amazing recipe that delivers the flavor profile of your favorite Lasagna with a simpler prep process.

(From Berry Fresh Bites)

“A deliciously fast version of lasagna. All those yummy flavors cooked in one skillet – no oven or boiling water for pasta required! Serve with a fresh salad for a dinner the whole family will enjoy.”

Click for the Full Recipe
View the Recipe on Carmen’s Instagram



Cage-free eggs
Fresh and locally-sourced
Thick, yellow yolks
A valuable asset in the kitchen



For bulk pricing, buy a case! 15 cartons = 1 case

CLICK HERE to learn more about our unbeatable eggs

Call or Text orders to: 314-882-4637

Payments can be made with cash, Venmo, Zelle, or CashApp to huntwithtony@yahoo.com

Applicable taxes will be applied to all orders.


Take action to fight hunger in St. Louis with Operation Food Search

Tony’s Family Farms is proud to partner with Operation Food Search, an organization committed to bringing food goods to St. Louis families in need.

Click the Operation Food Search logo to learn more about their important mission and how you can help.


Apples and other fruits with veggies

Save money and buy bulk fresh fruit and veggies

Local Honey sold by the quart jar $32.00 Pints $15.00

Local Honey

Adding Local Honey to your diet has a lot of health benefits

88 count Red Del Apples $36.00
64 count Fuji Apples $36.00
88 count Golden Delicious $49.00
Granny Smith 88 count $49.00
113 Count Gala Apples $33.00
100/113 Fuji Apples $33.00


Asparagus 28 lbs Large $36.00

Avocados 48 Count $58.00
Avocados 60 Count US #1
Bananas 40 lbs Premium $25.00

Beans 25 lbs Fresh $29.00

Beets Red 25 lbs Loose $22.00

Belgian Endive Case $36.00
Blueberries 12/1 Pint $46.00

Blackberries 12/6 Ounce $39.00
Raspberries 12/6 ounce $41.00

Medium Cabbage 50# Carton $22.00
Cabbage 50# Sack $15.00
Cabbage Red 50# $22.00

Cantaloupes 15 count $28.00
Cantloupes 6 count Jumbo $28.00

Mex Carrots 50# Loose $19.00
Carrots Baby Peeled 30/1# $35.00

Carrots 48/1# Cello Bags $35.00
Carrots 24/2# Cello Bags $35.00

Cauliflower 9 Count $33.00
Cauliflower 12 Count $38.00

Celery 30 Sleeve $39.00
Celery Naked 30 count $39.00

Calif Cilantro 30 Count Bunche $14.00

Collard Greens 24 Bunches $29.00

Mexican Cucumbers 24 Count $19.00

Home Delivery Program

Save money and buy with friends our discounted fresh produce

Calif. Broccoli Crowns 20 lbs $28.00
Mexican Eggplant Bushel 24 count $35.00

Iceberg Lettuce 24 Cello $21.00
Hydro Bibb 12 Count $24.00
Lettuce Green Leaf 24 Ct $21.00

Lettuce Romaine 24 Count $22.00

Fennel (Anise) 24 Count $38.00

Garlic 5# Peeled $22.00

Ginger Root (Loose) ask for price sold by the pound


Grapes Red Seedless 18 lbs $32.00

Grapes White Seedless 18 lbs
Grapes White Seedless 18 lbs $45.00
Mangos 9 Count $15.00

Green Onions Iceless 48 Count $9.00
Green Onions Iced 48 Count $25.00

Fresh Herbs
Basil Fresh 1# $14.00
Baby Dill 1# $14.00
Chives Fresh 1# $14.00
Oregano Fresh 1# $14.00
Sage Fresh 1# $14.00
Rosemary 1# $14.00
Oregano 1# $14.00
Tarragon 1# $14.00
Thyme 1# $14.00

Honeydew Melon 5 Count $18.00
Onions Jumbo Yellow 50 lbs $26.00
Onions Jumbo Red 25 lbs $22.00
Colossal Onions 50 lbs $25.00
Onions White Jumbo 50 lbs $31.00

Oranges Navel
Fancy Oranges 138 Count $33.00
Fancy Oranges 113 Count (medium) $33.00
Fancy Oranges 88 Count (large) $33.00
Fancy Oranges 72 Count (large) $32.00

Fancy Minneolas 100 Count $35.00


Parsnips 20 lbs Loose $35.00
Parsley 60 count $32.00

#2 Red Potatoes 50 lbs B Size $29.00
#1 Red Potatoes 50 lbs B Size $41.00

Wash. Yukon Gold Premium 50 lbs $36.00

Wash. Yukon Gold Potatoes 50 lbs B’s $34.00

Kale 24 Count Bunched $32.00

Leeks 12 Count Bunches $38.00

Fancy Lemons 165 Count Case $45.00
Fancy Lemons 140 Count Case $45.00
Fancy Lemons 75 Count Case $33.00
Fancy Lemons 115 Count Case $33.00

Limes 200 Count Case $30.00
Limes 175 Count Case $45.00

Pears D’Anjou 100 count $35.00

Buy produce in bulk and save

Radichio 9 Count $21.00

Radishes 14/1# Bags $19.00

Peppers Red 11 lbs $21.00
Peppers Yellow 11 lbs $21.00
Peppers Jalapeno Bushel $45.00
Peppers Jalapeno 10 lbs $22.00
Peppers Poblano Bushel $32.00

Pineapples 7 Del $21.00

Florida Yellow Squash Half Bushel $19.00
Mexican Zucchini Sqaush Half Bushel $19.00

Swiss Chard 12 Count $33.00

Idaho Potatoes 100 Count $25.00
Idaho Potatoes 90 Count $26.00
Idaho Potatoes 80 Count $31.00
Idaho Potatoes 70 Count $39.00
Idaho Potatoes 60 Count $39.00
Idaho Potatoes 50 Count $39.00

Fingerling Potatoes 20 lbs $39.00
Sweet Potatoes Bushel Small $25.00
Sweet Potatoes Bushel Jbo. $28.00
Sweet Potatoes Steakhouse $38.00
#2 Red Potatoes 50 lbs B Size $29.00
#1 Red Potatoes 50 lbs B Size $41.00

Wash. Yukon Gold Premium 50 lbs $36.00

Wash. Yukon Gold Potatoes 50 lbs B’s $34.00

Turnips Loose 25# $21.00

80/20 Blend $25.00
Separate Salad $21.00
Slaw Mix 20 lbs $21.00
Chopped Romaine $22.00
50/50 Blend $25.00

Local Spinach 20 lb case $28


Tomatoes Red 5×5 Size 20 lbs $21.00
Tomatoes Red 4×5 Size 20 lbs $25.00
Grape Tomatoes 12 Pints $19.00
Tomatoes Cherry 12 Pints $35.00

Florida Roma Tomatoes 25 lbs Medium $22.00