If your like us the desire to get at planting bulbs and Spring veggies fever gets going on any sunny day in March.  If you live in Metro St Louis or St Charles counties, hold on until Late April.

On average your risk of frost is from October 17 through April 12th.  Following your weather local charts its a guarantee that you will receive frost from November 1st through March 29th.

Start planting from April 27th.  To keep me from throwing away a lot of money on plants that get frozen I try to be on vacation April 22nd my birthday until May 1st.  Getting out of town is that last chance to clear your head, and get into the best physical shape to grind out another season of farming.

You betcha around May 2nd I’ll plant thousands of tomatoes vines and other wonderful produce for our chefs and homeowners during that week.

In our St Louis metro region we have 188 days of frost free growing.

After planting several varieties of beefsteak tomatoes we count down the 125 days until harvest.

Butternut Squash

Squash started by seeds in the ground safely after the frost