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Orchard morels from Washington state are still coming in strong!

We may be getting still MORE snow right now, but it’s not too early to start planning for Food Outreach‘s Tomato Explosion in August! We had a great planning meeting this week!

Check out the latest recipe on The Sauce blog!

Yellow Tomato Vodka Marina Sauce from Sue Donze and Pretty Much Paleo STL

Week of February 24th

We are thrilled to announce we now carry St. Louis’ own Sriracha Granada, the only green Thai-style sriracha sauce on the market!

A Pineapple Express is the term used to describe a period of prolonged extreme precipitation from the Hawaiian Islands to the U.S. Pacific coast and is what is responsible for the current bounty of orchard morels coming out of California not seen in a decade! In addition, these morels are being harvested from my childhood stomping grounds and I am thrilled to be able to bring these delicious mushrooms to St. Louis.

Spring temperatures may not have arrived yet, but our farmers have already begun planting seeds, inch by inch, row by row!

Here’s the latest from “What’s Cooking?” – keep sending us your pics to be featured!

Salad with Yellow Heirloom MightyVine Tomatoes

Eugene Feygin, Chicago Food Photographer

Private Dinner at Lake Sherwood Estates

Jim Storm & Scott Oglesby, St. Louis Country Club

Week of February 17th

California’s extreme rain has led to very wet conditions, perfect for mushrooms. We are bringing orchard morels into the market several weeks earlier than we did a year ago. So-named because they are found in olive orchards and grape vineyards due to their mutual affinity for alkaline soil, these smaller morels are gorgeous.

Your mouth-watering photos are pouring in! Here’s the latest from “What’s Cooking?“!

Chimi Chimi Ya Burger

Sugarfire 44

B.O.L.O.G.N.A. Burger

Sugarfire Winghaven

Scallop & Caviar

The Crossing

Avocado Tomato Toast

Vito’s In The Valley

Smoked Brisket Poorboy

Peacemaker Tulsa

Our MightyVine tomatoes have caught the eyes and tastes of the local food blogger community and we will be featuring their recipes in our new blog, “The Sauce.” Check out our first one from Marie Cook!

Week of February 10th

New this week – wild black trumpet mushrooms from Oregon! Hot this week – vibrant red amaranth and beet microgreens!

Make this Valentine’s Day memorable for your guests and their loved ones by serving the city’s best-tasting tomatoes from MightyVine’s glasshouse, including yellow heirloom tomatoes, grown exclusively for my St. Louis chefs. Then, give your dishes a pop of festive red with our vibrant amaranth and beet microgreens.

This holiday isn’t just on the 14th anymore – it’s a weeklong celebration. Be sure to call us early with any special menu needs.

Send us the names of dishes you’ve made with our produce and a little blurb about it and we’ll post it on a new page of our site “What’s Cooking?”! Our Marketing Manager, EngageTaste, offers 3 Critical Steps For Taking Gorgeous Food Photos With Your Phone:

Indirect natural daylight is the best lighting for capturing the highest resolution and the most vibrant color. (Restaurant lighting is often very dim, leading to a pixelated, fuzzy image. Kitchen lighting is often very harsh but will do in a pinch, but see Setting!) If you can time your photo for a daytime photo, DO IT. It often works best to pick a table in the restaurant near a window – indirect is best, but direct sun can sometimes be lovely.

One of the hallmarks of a professional photograph is the focus on the subject matter with the rest of the world blurred out. These days, it’s easy to achieve this with a smartphone. On an iPhone using the Portrait feature, follow the instruction to step back enough to engage the feature. Contrasting background colors work best. With a Samsung, install the Google Camera app and use the Lens Blur option – this blurs after the photo is taken and you can adjust the settings in preview.

Obviously, your food is the star, but you might not realize what else is taking the stage in your photos. After your dish is plated, set it on an interesting surface, such as a table in the restaurant, the bar top, even the grass or a gorgeous sidewalk outside. If you must take the photo in the kitchen, make sure the surface is clean. Then, keep waste, trash cans, signs, people, light sockets – any clutter – out of the photo.

Squatter’s Cafe (now closed and we’re anxiously awaiting Bulrush!)

Nudo House