Planting and Garden Tips For Spring

Tony’s Gardening Tips

Early March

The threat of frost is still too great to begin planting everything outside, but there is plenty you can do for your home garden right now.

Start indoors! It is not too early to begin planting as long as you are willing to get some starters going indoors. In 4-6 weeks, we will be able to put our plant starters into the soil. Choose some seeds and get ready to sow. I recommend cherry tomatoes as a good plant for beginners. Cherry tomatoes are hardy, easier to maintain than larger tomato plants, and are easier to guide to fruition.

Some other great options for starter plants: Basil, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, collard greens, and lettuce.

Once you have your seeds, get some sectioned trays to get things started. If you don’t have access to nutrient-rich soil at home, pay a visit to your favorite hardware store and pick up some potting soil. You could even make it a family project! Just beware of over-watering. Make sure they get consistent sunlight and begin your gardening journey.

If you are eager to begin planting outside, there are a few options you have this early in the season. Peas, carrots, mizuna, onions, radish, and sage can all survive colder temperatures.