Week of February 17th

California’s extreme rain has led to very wet conditions, perfect for mushrooms. We are bringing orchard morels into the market several weeks earlier than we did a year ago. So-named because they are found in olive orchards and grape vineyards due to their mutual affinity for alkaline soil, these smaller morels are gorgeous.

Your mouth-watering photos are pouring in! Here’s the latest from “What’s Cooking?“!

Chimi Chimi Ya Burger

Sugarfire 44

B.O.L.O.G.N.A. Burger

Sugarfire Winghaven

Scallop & Caviar

The Crossing

Avocado Tomato Toast

Vito’s In The Valley

Smoked Brisket Poorboy

Peacemaker Tulsa

Our MightyVine tomatoes have caught the eyes and tastes of the local food blogger community and we will be featuring their recipes in our new blog, “The Sauce.” Check out our first one from Marie Cook!

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